Friday, December 5, 2008


I loved this movie for the movie it was, nothing more. If you try and compare this movie to the book, of course you're going to end up hating the movie, because the book is, by far, way better. First of all, the movie does start off kind of slow. It's the type of film where they expect you to know everything about the story line in the first 10-15 minutes of the movie. It also does get kind of boring at parts, and some performances could've been better in many ways, but still, in my opinion, this movie indeed rocked. The characters were very well established, the fight/suspense scenes were cool and exciting, and I even began to shed a few tears with the every now and then romance. All in all, I don't see how anyone can flat out hate this movie. It was very fun and entertaining and although it didn't "live up" to the book, it did a very good job, and to me, it was the best it could be without going too far into necessary details and focusing too much on describing each individual character perfectly. Great movie, needs a little bit more respect than it gets. (7.5/10)