Friday, December 5, 2008


He asked me to the church on Saturday. I didn't know what happened with me, but that was the first time EVER, my heart was beating when I stood up and walked straight to the priest, and he made me a "cross" sign right in my forehead. Whilst he whispered something to me, and I ended up saying "Amen".

I hope it was a sign that God given to me. I believe He does exist. I forgot to mention that last week I received email from my sister, called "a letter from God". When I read it I was in my car, driving. But I couldn't help it till I drowned to tears. It was coincidentally, because at the same time I read the email, I was feeling blue, too. *Family Issue*. So when I read it, I couldn't help but cry. I wish I can find such beautiful words in my family. The warmth, the joy, which I rarely get. I'll post the letter soon, since it's still nowhere to be found.

I've become more certain that God has show me His way, and His light. Amen.