Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FW08: Fancy Tights

Ever since I saw these stockings on the Chanel FW08 runway, I knew I wanted them.
They are refreshing, fun and elegant. I especially love the black stripe at the back- it is super slimming!
Luckily for me, this trend finally made it to high street. Urban Outfitters have almost the same contrasting colored ones (left: and it's not true what they say on the website about it being online only. I just got mine from the store today!). They are also just simple enough that you can wear it with almost anything.

Urban Outfitters also offer a bit of variation with the bold black/gray stripes (right), which are still cool and slimming. But since this one is so much more striking than the other one, I'd be much more careful matching this one because these ARE the statement.
If you want something even subtler, I'd go with these stockings with a seam at the back. It is almost like regular stockings but with an interesting twist at the back that is both sexy and slimming (a very important attribute), what more can you want?
I'd always thought that lace was slutty, but HG turned me around and now I"m a convert (or maybe I'd just confused them with fishnets?). It adds just the right subtle touch of girliness to an outfit (and it is very popular amongst the models this season). This mini diamond printed tights (right) gives a similar textured effect in a less girly way. Just remember not to choose any print too densely populated or wide (like wide diamond prints or plaids!), because they'd just make your legs look uneccesarily wide.
And also, not fishnet footless stockings or v print red ones (above), please. They are just tacky tacky tacky. But otherwise, have fun with this trend. I know I will :)

Image Source: Urban Outfitters,, Accessorize and Express