Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little Crafty Gifts

I should have started my Christmas shopping a long time ago. In fact, I still haven't started, but here are some ideas.

Crafty little things are definitely something I'm a fan of. Handmade? Good quality? Yes, please! Check out these little finds of mine on Etsy. Etsy is so fantastic, you support people who create their own things and you always find awesome and wonderful creations. What better than to give a gift that's made with a lot of love? Not only is it unique and fun, it's something to remember you by!

I posted about Etsy creator Alliebeans in a post I did about my make-up. basics I can honestly say that the quality of these products is tops, it's excellent! And I also have that little coin pouch (bottom picture), it's perfect! I have already bought several to give to friends.

This is not an Etsy maker. These wrist warmers are designed and made by Sandra Juto, I found them on her blog. How adorable! They're very Victorian; beautiful and definitely useful.

Decorations! I love Christmas decorations! Perfect for a gift for someone else - or yourself! I'm about to go order the cute little needle felted acorn trees from truLuxe. And the adorable little penguins are from Skunkboy Creatures.

What could be more fitting during the wintery months than a pair of mittens? And then Moocow went to go add some pom poms. I'd be happy to receive this, and I know a lot of people who would be too.

What are you thinking about getting for your family and friends?

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Alliebeans, Sandra Juto, truLuxe, Skunkboy Creatures, Moocow, Etsy