Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Women's Fashion Wear






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So you’ve heard this a zillion times but it’s actually what really it takes to look as smashing as a super model. And the clichéd phrase is “Dress right for your type.” Just what exactly it means literally is known by all but life would be much easier if it were spelt out. Finally, here it is your complete handbook to being fashionably dressed.

  • Figure out your body type: once you know what body type you are you can read tips exactly for your kind.
  • Follow tips specific to your size (weight and height) and age as well।

  • Always try to wear free flowing fabrics in one tone to achieve a long and slim look. Try fabrics like chiffon or georgette for dresses.
  • Please wear only your size. Oversized clothes never have or will make look anyone any good. Stay away from anything that’s baggy or exaggerated as far as size goes no matter how comfortable.
  • Be careful while adding on accessories. Never add on anything just for heck of it. Your accessories speak more about you than your clothes do. So watch out there.
  • Make sure whatever jeweler you wear blends well with your ensemble.
  • Wear belts only if you have an extremely thin waist. (I know this is a hard one.)
  • Wear clothes you are comfortable in and that reflect your personality. You’ll undoubtedly look your best in them.
  • Cleverly accessorize your look by adding a scarf or a stole for the added effect.
  • Before picking up your clothes read the wash care and after care instructions carefully. Never buy on an impulse something that might cost you more than its cost for maintenance.
  • Invest in a basic wardrobe, shoes, and bags. Mix and match the rest of the things picked up every season or even stuff picked up from flea markets.
  • Form your own style statements and avoid following fashion trends blindly। Always have a back-up classic wardrobe and experiment with new things only to an extent.