Saturday, June 5, 2010

May 2010

as days go by, so does my life..
I stated May somehow a memorable month in my whole life. Seriously.
Too many things happened on May 2010.
It all started when I got a phone call from someone on early May, he said that I won the contest that I joined a month before. I cried a happy tears, knowing that my essay won that competition. I couldn't believe what I hear.

On the same day, 11PM for exact, I got another phone call that delivered a very bad news: my grandma had a STROKE attack. GOD! How could I receive 1 VERY good news & another VERY bad news at the same time?
Me & my parents went to the hospital as fast as we could. When I met my Nan, I burst into tears. But this time, a sad tears. This is the person that have a big effect in my life, especially in my childhood.. She took care of me & my sister, taught me many things, and got us closer to God.
I was so sad to see my Nan laying on the ER bed, she hugged me & told me that it would be OK. When I see her eyes, I knew it's not OK. Far from OK.

She stayed in ICU for 11 days before go home. and went back to hospital the week after :(

Unexpectedly, last week, my 1 and only uncle, rushed to hospital cos of his unstable blood pressure. God, what is wrong with this life?

My whole May 2010 fulfilled with tears, both happy & sad, sweat and blood. I realized, how life is truly an endless rollercoaster.. You're up and you're down, and suddenly up again, down again.. all in high speed. Wooossshh... N when u wake up, u're almost 50.

I've nothing to do but praying to God that we will through this.. But I swear I will never ever forget May 2010.

May highlight:
  • I won an essay competition
  • My Nan rushed to hospital
  • My best friend wedding at Bali
  • The premiere of SATC2
  • My uncle rushed to hospital.
if there's a life curve, it'll be very up & very down & up again & down again. Significantly