Wednesday, June 23, 2010

human makes plan, God pulls the triger

Today I wanna share my essay that won a competition months ago. The contest developed by Hewlett-Packard. Check out this website

Actually it's too hurtful to write it over again. But I'll write a brief description.
I joined the contest on April cos the big prize, yup, 2 tickets to NYC along with 2 tickets to the premiere of Sex and The City 2 at Radio City Hall, 2 tickets to SATC hotspots tour, and 3 nights stay at Millennium Hotel Times Square. That was just insane! So I tried to give it a try. I wrote an 500 words essay about my hometown (create a 1 day tour) and took a picture that connected to the essay. Here we go.

the "suicidal" photo (I could kill myself if I fall)
A nearly perfect place to chillax. Small but perfectly formed with the nature and all the amenities, Bandung is city of friendly, and fun-loving and good looking people, with good food and great ambience. There's nothing too fast in Bandung, Yes the weather can be a bit cool and dreary since the city is surrounded with mountains. Dago area can represent a small part of the beauty of Bandung itself. So here’s my quick tips for your short trip. Choose which hotel you want to stay in. My suggestion would be Sheraton Hotel. A 4 stars hotel with great atmosphere and strategic location at very affordable price. In the morning, you can either have breakfast at the hotel or try a breakfast ala Bandung, Kupat Tahu Gempol (made from steamy rice and shredded tofu with bumbu kacang). It sells very fast. So if you want it, then you have to wake up a little early as it usually sold out on 9 AM. Ganeca is one of the must visit sightseeing at Dago area. You can ride a horse or a pony, or just walk around just to enjoy the nature of this area. There’s even a little zoo not far from there. I’d suggest you to try the famous Nasi Timbel Dago for lunch, a homemade Sundanese cuisine that you can’t hardly miss. Find out their special sambal (spicy sauce that made from their secret recipe). Finger lickin’ good! Wanna go shopping? You come to the right place! Bandung is famous with its shopping experience where you can buy cheap and chic goodies at Factory Outlets. There are lot of choices, since they scattered at Dago area. From your children needs to their mom & dad needs, even for souvenirs, you can find them all at Factory Outlets. And I ensure you, your shopping spree won’t hurt your credit card bills :) After a long –shop till you drop- shopping trip, it’s time for dinner. There are many restaurants, such as Italian, Western, Indian, Thailand, even Vietnam at Dago area. But this restaurant is just different with others, called Cloud 9. Located at quite high mountain, about 20 minutes drive from Sheraton Hotel, Cloud 9 present you a very great view where you can see citylights while enjoy your supper. The main menu is mostly pizza, but there’s also some delicious light bites like Potato Jacket and Tofu Mushrooms. They turn off the lamp on 9PM, set the music louder, and voila! It turns to be a cool lounge just in minute. You can grab a martini or Jack D shots cos they have a wide range of drinks selection. The combinations of nature, food and places will spark a romantic atmosphere and unforgettable moment at Bandung. Enjoy your stay.
Fast forward to the month after, the HP guy named Bambang Moegono (Bem) called me & he said that I'm the winner from Indonesia (there's 1 winner from each eligible country). He told me to immediately prepare the visa so we can fly on the desirable time. I screamed on the phone. He knew how happy & grateful & excited I was to win this. The date was May 3rd 2010. The departure date: May 23rd. So I have 20 days to obtain my visa.

That day, I was looking after as much information about US Visa, and I was told by some of my friends that the mission is impossible. There's no way you can get your visa in less than 3 weeks. But I keep trying. I applied to US Embassy via website. It broke my heart to know that available interview appointment was mid July! So I tried the other way, I keep in touch with Bem, hoping that he can help me. I mean, it's a contest and I'm the winner. He said he's approaching his friend who works for US Embassy. But unfortunately, he can't help us, cos US Embassy said that my trip is not important & necessary. I was like, F*** U! I felt mad, angry, sad, disappointed, devastated, fucked up. I hate being Indonesian, I hate living here, I hate to see other contestants from other countries can go without any single problem!

Just like that, I failed to go to NYC. I was so sad & crying a lot. But that wouldn't change the condition. I'm sure someday I can go to NYC all by myself. But you know, the event can't be repeated: attend SATC2 premiere & meet all the casts in person. Those horrible days, I couldn't even watch the show again, and I cried every time I saw the premiere party on E till my boyfriend banned the E! Channel from all televisions in my home.

Somehow when I alone, maybe God didn't allow me to go. I remembered the day when I had to attend the premiere, May 24th, my Nan was in a critical condition. I was the one who brought her to the hospital. Maybe if it wasn't me, my Nan is in heaven now. I keep telling to myself, God knows what's best for us. I learned a lesson from my experience, human makes plan and God pull the trigger.