Friday, June 4, 2010

Secret Single Behavior

When your relationship has reach the magic number SEVEN, do u think u ALREADY know about him? Well, think again ladies.

Along the way, I thought I knew all about him, but turns out, after all these major ups n downs for 7 years, I think I've just known him about 70%. That means, 10% each year.
I knew general things like what he likes what he doesn't like, who's friends who's not, what songs he listen to, what movies he interested to, what style & color he love, etc etc.
The rest 30%? I believe it's 15% sex & 15% SSB.

Since I know nothing about the other one, so I guess I'm gonna find out his SSB (Secret Single Behavior). I didn't notice about this at all, but recently, I've found some when he stay at my house the other day. No we didn't sleep together, he just spend the night in my house & sleep on our guest room cos he had to go to work early in the morning, n my house is closer to his workplace.
We did spend many nights together on vacation, etc. But this is different cos we stay in the same HOUSE, not HOTEL. That would make a HUUUGE difference.

First of all, eating while reading, errm reading while eating? Either way, I hate both. He tells me that he does it all the time. Euww.. Couldn't b worse? N he usually doesn't eat at the dining table. He eats where he like.

Second of all, he eats 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All must include rice. How weird is that? IMO, breakfast is wheat bread, cereal, omelette, or even pancake, and sometimes coffee. In his mind, breakfast is eat rice n drink milk.

Also, I didn't know that he always misplaces thing like towels, scissors, knife, etc. N it frustrates me. Arrghhh..

Last but not least, the thing that's not tolerable: his peeing n showering habit. When he shower, the bathroom will become all wet. And when he pee, he rarely use the second degree toilet seat (if u know what I mean). Euuww... I remind him about this all the time, but he keep forgetting it :(

The conclusion is, the idea to move in together first before going to the next step is not bad at all. Hey there's always a test drive before buy a new car right?
OR do you have a better idea to know your other half 100%?
N finally, I understand why many couples got divorced (despite of cheating issues). maybe they couldn't stand each other's habit, or maybe there are several hidden habit that we don't know till we live together. Who knows we would be a wife from a serial killer husband? Guess what? Nobody knows shit.

And I far from perfect too, I have flaws, n I have SSB too. But it's my husband's duty to find out about that :p

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