Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Winter 2010 Hairstyles Fashion Trends

Winter brings lots of new trends to try out. For one, bold bangs are definitely in style this season. More and more women will be sporting thick, straight, blunt bangs. However, the side swept look remains a popular, modern style.

Rihanna Hairstyles for Winter 2010
Winter 2010 Haircuts Trends for women
Hairstyles for Winter 2009

Short hair is definitely in style this season and two of the hottest short looks for winter 2008 are the inverted bob and the shaggy pixie. Going short is a great way to makeover your style for the new season and the upcoming new year. Most women find short locks accentuate facial features while making them appear more youthful.

Winter 2010 Hairstyles Fashion Trends

Some of the best longer looks feature full waves with lots of long layers. Voluminous locks with lively texture are both playful and sexy. Plus, it means less time spent fighting with a straightening iron. Finally, when it comes to color, intensified natural shades are the most sought after tones. This means taking a color like blonde, brunette, or red and adding highlights, lowlights, and shine enhancers to make the shade bolder and shinier.

Winter 2010 hairstyles trends for women