Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 things about me

Fashion Titbits was tagged by incredibly stylish and the best ever shopping guide Haute World (thanks so much, darling!) to share 10 things about me.

1. I have a tattoo and am hoping to get rid of it one day. I had it done when I was 20. It was the time of my life when I needed something different, so I decided to get this “leafy thingy” on my ankle. I was told it wasn’t permanent and would fade away within 2 years or so. It’s been 12 years and it’s still pretty much there. Yes, I loved it back then. Now I forget that I have it and when I see it I get upset as it makes me feel cheap. I hope this winter I can deal with it.
2. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. If I don’t have my breakfast, I don’t feel right. I make porridge with goats milk, cinnamon and chopped date (it melts during cooking and adds almost toffee-like sweetness to the porridge) and frozen cherries if I choose to use them. If I don’t have cherries I add chopped banana later. When the porridge is done, I add a couple of chopped walnuts. Then I need to have a piece of chocolate. 85% cocoa and organic. And coffee.
3. I get excited about grocery shopping. I love choosing fruits and vegetables (as well as all everything else) and imagining things I can make with them.
4. I collect Teddy Bears. Steiner make the cutest ones!
5. I like knitting and am pretty good at it.
6. I can leave the house without any make up on, but never without wearing my favourite perfume.
7. I sketch/draw from time to time. Nothing special, just black and white pencil drawings.
8. Spring is my favourite season and May is my favourite month.
9. I don’t drive but I love beautiful cars. I think that Jaguar XK is the most gorgeous car in the world. I also like Audi TT and Aston Martin.
10. I watch “Desperate Housewives” and “Ugly Betty”, and I adore “Sex and The City”.
I would like to tag all my followers and readers because you are very, very special to me.

Photo source: Elle France, Elle Italy, google images, Vogue, jaguar.com

Very important P.S. My dearest girls, thanks so much for all the messages you left for me over the past couple of days. I am lucky to have you. x