Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Haircuts 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover

The celebrity haircuts you see worn today cover the full range of star power to set a trend and have millions of women following them. But many of the celebrities are following trendsetters themselves, to achieve their all out glamorous looks. There are many movie stars who grew up watching Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge that used their style as their starting point in the clothes and hairstyles they chose to wear.

Fall Hairstyles 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover

Fall Hairstyles 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Makeover

Inspiration for celebrity hair fashion comes from many sources, the past as well as the present. As soon as a woman becomes prominent in the public eye, you can be sure that someone somewhere will want to look like her.

Celebrity Hairstyles Trends Fall 2009

Fall Haircuts 2009- Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

When you think about it, it’s really amazing the amount of attention that is given to the hairstyles of the women we admire. Celebrities are very aware that they have the power to influence with their style- they continue to surprise and delight fans with their changes in color or design.

Jennie Garth Short Haircuts 2009 Fall Haircuts

As many of the popular celebrities change their style to follow the fashion trends, it’s clear to see the impact of film legends on the hairstyles of today. Elizabeth Taylor’s hairstyle choice early in her film career is a classic example of the enduring charm of the classic bob that has been reinvented several times, most recently as the “posh” bob by Victoria Beckham.

Wavy Celebrity Hairstyles Trends - Fall Hair 2009

Medium Length Hairstyles Trends - Fall Hair 2009

Not every one of the celebrity haircuts become classics, but having the invention of a hairstyle to your credit is a beautiful way to be remembered.