Friday, August 14, 2009

Modeling Agent Takes Care Of Women Girl Fashion Modeling Health Remedies

Less than a century ago, beauty was defined by wealth, status and the fairness of a woman’s skin. Today as a society, we have made significant strides when it comes to equality, but young
women fashion face a constant battle to maintain a glowing, youthful tan. Although a suntan seems harmless in fashion magazines, could modern America’s changing standard of beauty become deadly for many young women?

In the Beaverton area alone there are more than two dozen tanning salons, where many young women fashion pay to lay in a closed bed that emits ultra-violet rays. After laying in a tanning bed for 10 minutes every other day or so, women achieve the desired golden tan perceived as today’s pinnacle of youth and beauty.

Young Girl ModelingFor some unknown reason, the common knowledge that excessive sun exposure leads to skin cancer has failed to translate over to the tanning community. Many tanning salons advertise or have their modeling agents that their tanning beds offer an identical tan as the sun would, yet somehow using safer UV rays than the sun’s.

Dr. Marla Ross has been practicing dermatology for 19 years in the Beaverton area, and currently heads the staff of dermatologists at Dermatology Associates in Tigard. Ross recalled that as the popularity of tanning salons rose, the number of young
girl modeling women with basal cell carcinoma and melanoma, two serious forms of skin cancer, has increased significantly. Before tanning booths, seeing most forms of skin cancer under the age of 30 was extremely rare, Ross said.

Among other discrepancies, many salons claim moderate exposure is good for a person’s health remedies, especially with the population’s supposed vitamin D deficiency. According to Ross, tanning is carcinogenic, and though many people may suffer from vitamin D deficiency, taking vitamin D orally as an oral replacement over paying for tanning is a much better choice that does not risk your health.

Many young girl modeling women who habitually go to tanning salons believe that they do not look pretty or healthy without their perfectly maintained, year-round tan. Most constant tanners are in denial about the projected health of their skin 20 years from now, as well as how prolonged tanning will affect skin’s youthful look in the future.

The development of skin cancer and wrinkles happen after many years of ultra-violet exposure, and if you do not care about your
health remedies , there is no way to completely reverse it, Ross said.


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