Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well finally, the bomb is about to explode..
The bomb that i, we fear the most. No ones to blame, nor God? It’s just our destiny, and we just gotta believe in His ways, that He will show us the best way, and He will not give us trials that we cant through.
But why now?

On next March, we’ll celebrate our 7th year anniversary. Damn, it’s REALLY not a short time to be just waste away. We want to survive this relationship, we MUST survive what we’ve been through. And what did they do? Just crashed it out? No fucking way! Cos we wont just give up!!

They cant come into our lives to break our relationship. We’re more than just best friends, we’re more than sister and brother, we’re more than just boyfriend girlfriend, we ARE partners, we ARE soulmate, and we ARE belong together.

Noone can separate us, not Mommy nor Daddy. Till death do us part.

What money brings you, Dad? I cant proud of you anymore, cos ure the same with them, who thirst of fame and fortune. Will it stay forever? Will you bring it to death? And will God even consider it (the more money, the closer heaven)? Nope.

Without being naive, i know that everything needs money nowadays, but i’ll happier live a simple family with the guy i love, than live painfully rich with the one i dont love.

Why are you so blind? The right guy for me is just steps away from you, not that old lonely rich man.