Sunday, July 27, 2008


Mr Sunaryo with his sculpture

when : Saturday 26-7-08
where : Kopi Selasar / Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
Bukit Pakar Timur No.25 -Bandung-

It was my first visit to Selasar Sunaryo Art Space. I've never been to that place before, shame on me!! I thought, maybe some of you, Bandung-ers had been to Selasar Sunaryo. I came with Dieter, his sis & his Mom. I fell in love with this place since my first step on the gallery! Oh how I heart SS! LOL

For those whom never been to this place, here's my quick recap.

Selasar Sunaryo is an art gallery, blended with a cafe, which made this spot be a perfect place to refresh ourselves. First of all, we can take a look at Sunaryo's gallery, mostly, paintings and sculpture. (pictures below were my favorites!!)

This one's made from sand!!

wanna have one in my house, very classy and artistic

After amazed by the arts, then we went straight to the cafe, named Kopi Selasar : An outdoor terrace coffee shop overlooking the mountain and hills. Conveniently serving exquisite fresh coffee specialties along with special coffee companion that will give you a personal experience, escaping from the tiring fast-lane of city-living.

If you feel tired, and need a refreshment, just come to this place! I really love the atmosphere, and the fresh air, which you can't get it in a central city. CooL!

There's one more spot in SS : Cinderamata Selasar. It provides you with the exclusive art reproductions, cards, exhibitions posters and crafts. The distictive book range features fine arts, Indonesian art, design, architecture, contemporary literature, photography and exhibition catalogue. There was also Japanese art books and magazine. My sister got it for just IDR 5000! Very cheap!! But it contains loads and loads of great drawing and arts. It's ashame how art doesn't get much appreciation here in Indonesia.

inside Cinderamata Selasar

Dieter's hand

Jeez I almost forget one thing that make this place is more special : there are loads of hot spot to snap a picture!! LOL. While his sister busy to look at the "Cinderamata Selasar", I also have my own activity : took a picture everywhere!! I won't post all the photos. I'm afraid it'll make you wanna vomit! LMAO!

posed in front of Cinderamata Selasar

even he became narcissism.LOL

me with his sister

After all.......... Can't wait for my next visit!!