Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye My Friend.. RIP

current mood: sad sad sad

Last Sunday morning I got a message from my friend. She told me that one of my friend passed away in Malaysia.. She was only 22, and was battling with cancer these 2 years. And amazingly, no one ever knows that. Later I knew that she didn't want to tell her friends her problems, cos she didn't want to make them sad and worried about her. Nobody knows until the day she had comma.
She's my high-school friend. Very kind and friendly and funny. What more can I say? Everyone loves her, and we just don't believe that God called her very fast..

Shortly, I attended her funeral. The preacher gave a very touching speech and just blew everyone away. He thought that my friend was really a tough woman, and he's very proud of her, even he want to die the way my friend died. Cos according to him, my friend died in peace, and she already accomplish her job that given by God in this world. She thought that there was nothing more important in this world than our faith. Her biggest achievement was turning her parents into Jesus Christ (her parents don't believe in Christ). How sad was that?

Dearest S,
I hope you'll find your way and I believe that God will take care of you.
I'll never ever forget you and our relationship.
God rest your soul. Goodbye my friend..