Monday, July 28, 2008

dark knight

An imperishable, spectacular and chaotically-brilliant movie. The Dark Knight possesses the essence that should always exist in the handover from comics to the big screen. Sequence after sequence, this is the absolute glory. A great movie that does not give a single frame to breathe!! A real Gotham City, dominated by fear. Christian Bale, as Batman, played his role perfectly and truly charismatic.

But of course, the real star of the show is the late and great Heath Ledger, who steals almost every scene he's in as the villainous Joker. This Joker is not like the other renditions; he is the best. Downright evil, corrupt, insane, psychotic, terrifying. In every sense of those aforementioned words. More scary than funny, he shows audiences the Joker is undoubtedly Batman's most nefarious foe and his perfect nemesis, challenging him all the way. With a cynical smile, he proclaims in a scene where Batman is a freak to the public, like the Joker himself. The Joker is downright evil, and Ledger makes this performance legendary. I agree with the critics, sign me up for the petition where he deserves an Oscar.

But unfortunately, he's no longer with us anymore, even he couldn't make it to attend the first premiere of this movie. So disturbingly sad.. :( It is completely unfair that Heath's family and the world are going to miss out on such an amazing person with some of the rarest and rawest talent I have ever seen (remember Brokeback Mountain?). My heart goes to his family and his daughter.

This film just blew me away. Well here it is, one of the most anticipated movies of the year so far. (beside Quantum of Solace). RECOMMENDED!!