Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sartorialist.

I was really excited to hear that The Sartorialist will be published as a book! I've been following the blog for several years now. It was on the top of my list together with style.com. It will be so wonderful to finally have a book that will contain all the beautiful photos. As much as I enjoy browsing the web, I am quite old-fashioned and would rather hold a book than look at the screen of my laptop. Somehow touching glossy pages makes me feel calm, relaxed and allows me to absorb the information a lot better. Apart from being a style inspiration this book will also make a beautiful addition to my collection of fashion books.

Last night I pre-ordered my copy from amazon (and saved £9.00). I know I am going to get it sometime in September (if you are in the US it will be available for you from August, 12), but I don't care. I know it's coming and will be happy to wait and then savour every page and every beautiful image.