Friday, July 24, 2009

Confessions of a former style victim

"I never look at labels when I buy clothes... What really grabs me is whether clothes are comfortable or not. I LIKE TO FEEL FREE"
- Audrey Tautou, Vogue UK, August 2009

We often forget the last bit, don't you think? Even if we do not look at labels many of us still go for the look without any further consideration. I can honestly say that there were times in my life when I thought that I could walk in THOSE shoes or wear THAT dress simply because I liked the SHOES or the DRESS and didn't think much about the way I was going to feel in them. Yes, I would look attractive, otherwise I wouldn't put those things on to begin with, but often the clothes would be chosen for an ideal situation where the pavements are flat, there is no food to consume and, frankly, there is no need to move or breathe either. Sort of a stationary world of mannequins. I don't think I was a fashion victim, though. It was more about being a style victim, wearing BEAUTIFUL things and seeing the result as a piece of art (and so often art is not about function, but more about an emotional impact).

As I got older I realised that no matter how much I like a certain item it will never going to work if a) it does not fit you perfectly b) you really have to change your lifestyle in order to wear it. I still remember a horrible feeling of walking in very uncomfortable shoes simply because they added a special touch to the outfit I planned in my mind. Yes, I did look good, but what an excruciating pain I experienced a couple of hours later after we went for a walk! Almost as if something was drilling my brain, that's the only way to describe it (I am not even mentioning my poor feet here).

Another silly situation is to go out in a dress or top that's not perfect for you. All the glamour and sensuality you were after can be easily ruined if you keep adjusting it here and there and spend the evening fidgeting. Nobody would find this attractive.

That is why I always remind myself of how important it is to choose clothes that suit you and your personality and not the other way round. I still wear heels, but can spend ages shopping for my perfect pair of shoes. I know that once I found them I am going to think of looking beautiful and feeling free. Not about every single step I need to make in those shoes and whether or not I need to call a taxi now or a few steps later. I buy clothes that would help me express myself in every situation. I no longer pick up pieces that would require me to change my lifestyle in order to wear them, or go on a diet, so they fit me better. I just live and use my clothes to add more style and comfort to my life because this is the only way I can feel FREE.

Photo source: Fanity Fair