Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coffee, dates and shoes

On a rainy morning, early as always, I was sitting in front of my laptop enjoying a cup of coffee, a few dates (I guess, you thought it was about romance, but at this point it's just delicious something I like to eat) and this story. It was then when I saw a pair of beautiful Alejandro Ingelmo shoes. I must confess that I haven't really heard of him before, so I decided to do my little research as it would be silly not to since the almighty google is out there 24/7.

Google worked. It took me to Browns website, which I've intentionally ignored for the last few months as it's full of temptations for which I wasn't mentally or financially ready at this time of my life. Yes, I did find the shoes, but then I also noticed another pair of shoes I saw a few months ago and dismissed because of their price tag. The pumps were on sale.

Suddenly my brain was working on a different emotionally powered level. MY SHOES were there and my size was available. I had to have them because for me they were pure perfection. The colour would go well with my autumn bag and belts, the black would create a perfect look with a dress that's almost ancient now (better call it vintage, I suppose), but loved and cherished, so still in my wardrobe. I also dreamed of creating this special autumn look of black belted coat, wide classic trousers with rolled hems and tan coloured gloves to match the shoes... Oh, I let my imagination run wild... Then it was time to get back to reality. Unfortunately, even the reality craved the platforms.

At the end I did two things: I spent a day thinking and I asked my husband if it would be ok to buy a pair of shoes (and to be fair, I haven't bought any for a while). As the day went by the thought of having Ginas became stronger and, as a sweet cherry on a cupcake, S said "yes".

I made a cup of calming mint tea and placed my order, which I just received. They are perfect. I absolutely adore my new pumps and can honestly say that apart from my wedding shoes, these are the best ones I've ever had. Yes, the heel is high, but they are incredibly comfortable. I think I could run in them if I had to. Finally, the missing piece of my wardrobe jigsaw is found and I am going to enjoy every moment of it.