Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour’s Plastic Surgery

Although her heyday was in the 80’s, Stephanie Seymour is still super enough to swimsuit model. After spotting recent pictures of Stephanie frolicking on a beach in a bikini, Make Me Heal decided to explore the supermodel’s plastic surgery.

For a woman of 40, and mother of four children, Stephanie’s breasts look remarkably high and firm, indicating a likely breast augmentation.
Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia confirms Make Me Heal’s suspicions saying, “For sure Stephanie had a breast augmentation. It was a nice job.”

According to Celebrity Sleuth magazine, since beginning to model in 1984, Stephanie’s bust size has increased from a 32A to a 34C.

Indeed, Stephanie’s breasts have appeared in Playboy magazine several times over her career and loved by many model photographer, as well as the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and also landed her a job as a Victoria’s Secret model. They have also allowed her to continue modeling and appearing in fashion campaigns for such notable fashions houses as Salvatore Ferragamo.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California, says, “Stephanie Seymour looks as if she has had some small procedures done, possibly some lip fillers with restylane. She looks good.”

Because of her modeling history, Stephanie is likely used to a rigorous fitness regime that allowed her to retain her taut pre-baby body. She may also use laser treatments to help her skin remain smooth and cellulite free.

Stephanie has parlayed her success as a internet model into acting, appearing in various television shows and movies here and there.

As Stephanie’s face looks as smooth as her body, Make Me Heal suspects she uses dermal injectables, like Botox to remain wrinkle free.

Although she has settled down some, the California native was once known for her stormy romance with rocker Axl Rose.

Make Me Heal thinks Stephanie looks just as good as she did back in the day and looks forward to seeing her next endeavors.

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