Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day @ work

current mood: awkward

.. First day at work..
I arrived early (at 7.30 am) and no one had come! There was only security and driver. LOL. So I parked my car in the carport at the bank, and the security told me not to park there cos the parking area is only for Customers. So I parked my car at the hotel beside my workplace, Holiday Inn.
Then I went straight to 2nd floor, where it would be my 2nd home also.. LOL. I have nothing to do. I was busy texting everybody whom more senior than me, "what should I do? It's like I'm invisible" LOL. Nah.. I just sat down on my desk and just looking at everybody's activity.
An hour after, there was one girl, came to me and she introduced herself, her name is Fenny. (** sigh.. finally I've a friend). Then he introduce me to everybody there :)

There's nothing too serious about today, cos my job was only learn and study about DBS's products and all. That's confusing! Cos DBS has a LOT products, hmmp...
Then my boyfriend picked me up for lunch. Thank God I met him, he's my light <3
When I came back to office, my boss asked us to go to the movies. So we went to Blitz Megaplex and watched the most boring, terrible, the worst from the worst movie.. We couldn't stand it till we go out even when the movie hasn't over yet. LOL. We thought it was promising, cos there's some BIG names in there like, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Jo, and Eva Mendez. It's "The Spirit".
Well... At least we had share a laugh together ^^

I hope my job will be great!
Have a nice day y'all!!