Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Resolution

Well, for the last three days I've been thinking about the past 365 days.
2008 brought me lots of memories, good and bad, but that's life. Friends come and go, my love with him were being tested once again, I had to face a lot options about my future and hardly find the answers, the worst thing was, the lost of Dieter's Father. Which made me think that life wasn't fair for him. He must deal with stroke for almost 2 years, in bed and do nothing. But I'm glad that I had known him in my life. Although we rarely communicate, he taught me things. His strength, his will, his honesty, and all.. Hope he's in heaven with His Father..
The best thing about 2008 is, finally I find my God, no... Actually God find me by way of my boyfriend. I'm so thankful that after a long waiting, finally I have a shoulder to lean on.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

I really love that quote, cos that's definetely true. We're still breathing the same air because our God. Oh! And not forget to mention, my Dad given me a new car to mark my milestone (21 years....) LOL. That's great, thanks!

The other highlight is......
I'm so thankful that finally, I can make peace with someone who f*cked me over, my long-time "frienemy". It feels great when we can took away our hatred. I don't know about her, but I hope we can just be friends. Not enemy. Not frienemy. She first sent me a message that she envy my relationship with Dieter, and was asking "when will you marry?". It's been 6 years, I replied.. And we're getting married soon. LOL. No, kidding. Actually he often asks me to marry him, but I thought we haven't ready yet. Way too young... And she replied again, told me about his current relationship with his boyfriend. We're wishing each other the best. Then that was it. We send mail every now and then. Unexpectedly, she's my Personal Banker now. I made an account in Citibank, where she worked, and she take care about it. Well.. I thought we're friends now.

And then I read this "feng shui" book. A Chinese horoscope about the year 2009. I'm a Rabbit :)
The book said that in January, I'll face 2 important options that can effect in my whole year. If I choose the "straight" one, then my life this year would be great. If I choose the wrong way, I'll go through the "bumpy" road. I don't pay too much attention to this kinda "horoscope" thingy. But I do believe in Chinese's.. The day our born determine what elements do we contain. Believe it or not, but it does make sense. BTW.. I hope I choose the right way.

This thing worse than ever!
One friend of mine accused me that I'm a material girl. It hurts me this much. I NEVER EVER, I mean NEVER EVER be a material girl. Everyone know that I'm the one who often "campaign" to my friends, my sister, to not be a material girl. Cos it put the girls status to shame. Cos material things don't last forever. Being a material girl is EMBARRASING. Girls can do nothing beside sell their body to rich old man, without considered "Is there any love between both of them?" All her care is bling-bling things, expensive jewelry, and branded high-end designer bags. Sorry to say, but my self-esteem doesn't cost a Chanel bag!! I can afford it myself!
I do believe in the power of LOVE. That's why I choose Dieter as my boyfriend. I find LOVE when we around, I find LOVE in his heart, I find LOVE in my heart. I never smell "FAKE" things when we're together. I am what I am, and he's just the way he is. We never put our game face, we are what we are. That makes us stay strong for almost six years. Not the money nor the speed cars. But we fight together.

My new year resolution would always be a good girl. Good girl for my parents, and being a good girl for all my family and friends, and Dieter. I can't wait for my first job! I hope it'll be okay . And most of all, I really want to getting closer to my God, which makes my feet on the ground.

Happy New Year!