Friday, March 6, 2009

Tips For Models

At Iinfiniti Models we take pride in being honest , assisting and educating models. We have included this section on our site to not only help you succeed in being the best model you can be, but to also understand the requirements and to avoid being scammed.

Despite the stereotypes breaking inot he modeling industry requires a lot more than beauty, it requires dedication, smarts and perserverance. First and foremeost is to realize how difficult it is to become a top fashion model in such a competitive industry. Millions chase the dream but only a handful actually make it as top fashion models. However, many people succeed as part-time internet models and enjoy an exhilirating life of being paid for fashion, tv, movies and much more...

There are several different types and levels of modeling, and if your expectations are realistic, you needn't feel discouraged. There are different kinds of models such as child models, to tall runway models seen fashion shows, to plus size models who are a size 10 and above down to body parts models whose hands you might see in a diamond ring ad on a billboard.

The list goes on but the first thing you have to do is look at yourself, be honest and see where you qualify. Look at bikini models in magazines like Vogue & Elle and see how you measure up, don't listen to your friends or some stranger telling you that you have what it takes so they can ell you a portfolio. Below is information on all the different types of modeling to help you determine where you fit in.

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