Sunday, March 8, 2009

can't eat can't sleep i'm sick

There I am in my bed.
I'm sick, so sick.. I'm coughing a lot, got fucking influenza, and
I can't go anywhere now so I can catch up my time to write in my blog again.

It seems my body can't stand anymore with my hectic days. I thought I can manage it all, and be a multi-tasking woman, but I don't. I lost the battle. And thanks to this "lovely" weather. So hot at day, so cold at night + flood everywhere! No wonder I'm falling sick.

Well it such a very long long time, longest time I didn't keep in touch with my blog. Till I couldn't remember things that I should've write! I tried to collect all the missing puzzles from this place.

First off all, Dieter's birthday!
Yay... I brought him mini-tiny-super cute-doughnuts as his birthday cake early in the morning.. LOL. I was just trying something different, cos I thought it was so boring to bring another cheese-cake, etc. And I bought him a basketball shoes as a present. A shoes that he was longing for so long. What a happy day.. We're going lunch to Cloud 9, cool place, great atmosphere, great view, nice taste.

Valentine's Day
Nothing happen on Val's Day, he's not the type of man who brings dozen of red roses, chocolates, and poem. I don't like it either. Yikes.... This is not Romeo & Juliette era darling.
We tend to spend our time with my family.
This day was a blessing, cos me and Dieter found a place to built our bikeshop. We sell all spare-parts and accesories, also we provide bikes-service, and all.. We couldn't be happier.
My days began busy. Busy at office, busy to help Dieter. I never home early. Always above 9pm, while the next day must get up at 6 am and go to office at 8.

My first salary came at 25th February, the same time when I stated as "Sarjana Ekonomi". LOL.
I was so so so freakin happy. Finally.. I made it! After 7 semesters long, finally I finish my college. Can't wait till the graduation time on May.

March 3rd.
Grand opening of our bikeshop. It named "Berkat Motor".
(in english Berkat means "Blessing")
We hopes our lil bikeshop can bring blessing for us, and for those who stop by at our shop.
I'm even more busy and busy.
I went to shop every lunch time, to bring Dieter his lunch, cos he's very busy too. I know he's very tired and all. So I tried to provide (at least) his lunch. I went away from office at 12, and drove back to office at 1.30, always going on and on like that. I came back to shop at 6, to write down all income that day and input it on our file. Then I go to dinner with him.

You won't find the word "INSTANT" in every single human who build everything from zero. Unless you're Paris Hilton (even I don't think she can continue his grandfather's business).
This thing makes our love grow stronger. There's sweat, blood, and tears in our days. I promise to stay right by his side no matter good or bad. Dieter always told me to stay grounded, look what below us, so we can feel grateful everyday. Look above when we need a motivation. And don't forget to dream. He says that if we can dream it, we can make it come true!

But then again, I'm only human. Maybe this is the right time to take a day off, isn't it?
If I'm not sick now, then I can't write in my blog. LOL.