Saturday, March 28, 2009

bye Cutesy...

curent mood: sad sad sad

I decided to suspend my very own baby, CutesyGirlz.
I.. couldn't handle it anymore.
Some says, "I should hire an assistant!"
Me say, what for? I don't think I need 'em.

I will re-opening my online boutique as soon as possible. Oh how I love that job, and how shame I was, cos I can't defend it. But I know this is the best way, at least for now.

things happened these days were not that nice. There's a lot pressure, at works, at business, but thank God, not at love life (it's FINE I swear.LOL).
Works: our division's target seems impossible! I know it's recession, but, please HELP US! I hope they'll change the new scheme soon. But good thing is, IF only I achieve the target this month, then I'll up to the next level. Yay..... End of March is still 3 days to go. HURRY UP Intan!!! \(^^,)/

I haven't tell you about my additional income, which came at the right time, right person, right place. I'm just lucky! This is why I'm so stressful nowadays. I have three responsibilities at the same time. First, my job at DBS, second, manage financial thingy at his bikeshop, third, my side-job. It gets me frustrating! >.<

I guess I need some refreshment, so last Thursday I went to Jakarta.
I had a pretty fun time, but then again... When I was on the way home, my sister called me and she said that she drove my car and CRASHED it!
DAMN IT! My mood was DOWN DOWN DOWN, how could she?
Why my parents allowed her to go? In fact she doesn't have a driving LICENSE, and she starts driving (you know what?) just 2 months ago! And they allowed me to drive my car. Oh it SUCKS.