Wednesday, October 22, 2008

love you

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My Dad's best friend died yesterday on age 67.
I couldn't help but think, so what's the meaning of life? People was born, live to die someday.
I just realized, once again, that life is nothing bout fame and fortune. No matter how rich you are when you live in this world, but what will you bring the day He take you home? Nothing. Will He care about your money or your power? I guess not. What He care about is, your behavior when you live, and how you treat people.
Sometimes people are so selfish, greed, and sacrifice others for their own importance.
Girls become materialistic. Nowadays, girls don't attracted man in physical, but how thick his wallet is :) Wow, that's the fact.

One day I met this man, about 6 years ago, and one of my girlfriend asked, "What car does he own? What business?". From those conversation, I know that she's not a REAL friend, she didn't care about my happiness, all she care about was money.
But girl, money doesn't guarantee happiness in life. The proof is, her relationship with her SUPER rich boyfriend only last in 3 months! While I'm still counting to my 6th years.

I'm so proud with my relationship cos there's no gap between us, I can become myself 100% so does he. There's no drama going on our relationship. Just perfect :)
When I sat with him on one dreamy night, he asked me about what if one of us leave this world? If he can make petition to God, he wants we'll die together. So no one feel the sadness of losing someone they really love. It brought me to tears. I don't know that his love for me as deep as that. Maybe he doesn't have a Range Rover, or thousand acres home, but one thing that other men don't have is his honesty, he teaches me many things about life, part of life that I never knew till I met him, he always told me to not look what's above you, but look what's below you. Then I feel blessed everyday.

All good things seem to have an end, so don't waste your time with a person you're not really love. Believe me, it's hurting. What's the point from become a million dollar wife whom can buy everything, if you can't being yourself and your mind tortured? Money can't buy happiness baby. Am I envy her? Absolutely not. The world we live in is a physical world. And I don't want to get in those circumstances.

I wanna spend my rest of my life with you