Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jennifer Aniston being wooed by ex John Mayer's soppy texts

Two months after splitting up, could it be a case of Friends Reunited for Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer?

Well, it will be if the singer has his way.

After dumping the Friends actress and model eight weeks ago, John has been trying desperately to win her back, going all out... with a series of soppy texts.

Last of the great romantics, eh John?
The Gravity star has told pals he is determined to woo Jen and has promised to change his slovenly ways.

As well as cutting back on his smoking and drinking, he’s also penned a heartfelt song to the gorgeous star.

"John and Jennifer had a pretty acrimonious break-up," says a source close to the singer.

"For a while Jen cut off all ties and refused to speak to him. But over the past few weeks, they’ve both realised how good they were together and how much they mean to one another.

"John initially called things off because he didn’t feel ready for commitment.

"But after considerable time apart, his priorities have changed and he wants to make a go of things.

"Determined to show he’s a changed man, John has cut right back down on his drinking and has pledged to quit smoking rollies - two things that really annoyed Jennifer.
"He has even written a song about their time together and played it to Jennifer who, naturally, was incredibly touched.

"It’s still early days though and John is by no means out of the doghouse. He still has some serious grovelling and making up to do.

"But so far things are going well, and both parties are hopeful of a long-term reconciliation."

The couple, who dated for five months, enjoyed a ‘trial’ date last week at Sunset Towers in LA.

John also invited Jennifer to be his guest of honour at his 31st birthday recently.

We first revealed the couple’s split in August which was later confirmed by the US singer himself.

During an impromptu rant to reporters outside his New York gym, gallant John claimed he ended things because he didn’t "want to waste [Jennifer’s} time."


But this time around, John has promised to keep schtum about their romance - and never to publicly embarrass her again.

Only time will tell...

News Sources:- Mirror.co.uk - Celebs