Thursday, August 21, 2008

John Mayer

John Mayer recently said this in one of his concert:

"I don't think that life is short. So I think you should stop saying that. 'Life is short, man.' No it's not! Life is excrusiatingly long. Let me rephrase that. The life you got left is excrusiatingly long. The life behind you, it's done. So yeah, life is short, but only when you turn around and look at it. But if you keep looking forward, you got a lot of years to think about. If you don't think life is long, if you life every day like life is short, you know what you become? A fuckin' asshole. You gotta live your life like someday soon you're gonna hit some miserable Tuesday night that's just gonna seem to go on for days and days and days. Waiting for either some phone call to come that doesn't come or some phone call to stop that won't stop. Because as it's laid out in front of you seems to go on forever. But look back to when you were 4 and it seems like last Sunday. So just keep looking forward and keep your good heart on you and keep doing the best you can do and love who you love the best you can love."

I thought, "SAME HERE JOHN!!"