Monday, January 3, 2011

benvenuti 2011!

Happy new year!!! 

It took four days for me to publish my first post of 2011. Well, hello there :) I hope you had a peaceful Christmas and a fabulous New Year's Eve, surrounded with your loved ones and completed with good food :)
Actually I just got back from my vacation which was wonderful. I went to China with my Mom. I'll post the photos later. I think my vacation deserves its own post :)

Wow. I can't stop saying how time flies so fast. This year, I'll be turning 24. My relationship with Dieter will enter its eighth year. Everyone moves on, some settle, some static. Whatever your intention is, I sincerely wishing each and every single reader who read my blog, the best in this upcoming year. 

As for my 2011 resolution, I just wanna be someone who knows better.. Who can learn from my mistakes and experiences from what I've been through. And not falling into the same hole twice, as not to believe in others easily. Cos the world out there is like a wild jungle. You can trust no one but yourself. 

Let's sends off 2010 with style and welcome 2011 with smile..
Bring it on 2011! I'm ready for a brighter tomorrow... Cheers :)