Monday, May 24, 2010

my life so far..

Been leaving this lovely blog for ages make me hard to start over.
Many things happened in my life and -geez- I started to forget about em. Remember my short-period-memory-disorder?

Err God I don't know where to begin.
Oh I had a trip to Singapore with my Mom on last February, just for fun and all we did was shopping & eating. It's kinda different cos we never traveled together, just two of us. So, our relationship kinda get tested. I'm not that close wif my mom u know.

Dieter celebrated his 24th birthday on February too. I surprised him with the customize cake, a cake that i really called his own, Valentino Rossi theme. Can't forgot his expression that night. I gave that cake right on 12AM, when he entered my room, I turned off the lamp and I hold the cake with the candles (damn it was heavy!) and I sang "happy birthday" to him.
He was like, "u gotta b kidding me!" LOL. I bought him a PSP Portable as a gift, the gadget that he's been wanting for so long. :)

happy 24th birthday baby..

valentino rossi cake

On March, we celebrated our 7th year anniversary. We had dinner at one fine restaurant at Jakarta. We shared our laughter and tears over red wine & pizza :) We couldn't help but laugh when our mind flew to our high school years where both of us still a fool love birds who didn't know nothing but love. We skipped school, we did crazy thing together. I always miss being love fool. Although we haven't lost our spark in this relationship, but I thought there's something missing.... Hmm I wonder what that is,, he he...

My job remains the same. I still go back & forth to Majalaya. And my heart remains the same to. I hate my job. I never belong here.. Some of you maybe know the reality show at E! Channel called "Running in Heels". Actually, that's my dream job. To be an editor in magazine, following all the fashion trends, and write some fashion articles. Man, I feel like lost in sea, I swim and swim too the endless ocean. And no one really can save me except myself. And definitely, myself can't bring the CHANGE. Cos there's nothing else I can do. I feel such an idiot person. I've been trying to love my job, but........................

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