Wednesday, November 19, 2008

life is like a pipe

current mood :(

Well, this is a rough week for me, no, not week, but months!
Problems come and go, but I don't understand why they always follow me. One problem clear, there goes another, always go on and on like that. Sometimes I wanna back to the moment where I still know nothing about everything. Oh how I missed my childhood.. When my brain was only fulfilled with games and play and cartoon and food and dolls. But I have to face the reality, that life isn't as sweet as candy. Life's full of ups and downs, right and wrong, good and bad. It end up with a choice. Life is a choice.

Is life fair? I still haven't find the answer, cos I feel that sometimes life isn't fair. Why this why that, there are too many questions that I'd like to ask to God, (if God ever exist). How can I lose my faith, God? Maybe I feel this emptiness around my chest because I don't have You in my life. But how can I find You? And where? I'm searching for You all over the place but what I've got? Nothing but my loneliness. The more I feel lonely, the more I depressed, and the more I restrain from You. I've gone too far.. Way too far than I can ever imagine.

A life is like a pipe and I'm just a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside