Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st post

Finally I own my 1st Blackberry Curve. It's so good I really enjoy it. Nah, this is my first post from my BB. I thought it'd be nice to write what's in my mind as soon as I get any thoughts. Thank God for technology. LOL.

So, before I go straight to sleep (like I can). I wanna share something that quiet painful for me. This occured several hours ago, my lil bro came down to me and asked, "sister, why I never see you praying?". Well what can I say? That I'm no longer Moslem? Or that now I'm starting to go to church? Or maybe I have to say that now I'm in borderline. Don't know where to go..

Shame on me to see the kid, at age 5 ask me something about religion. Is this a wake up call? When will you wake up from this dream Intan darling?