Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where have I been?

March 14th

Oh dear!!! I must be forget bout you, haven't write since.. I don't even know when.

I'm stuck in my bed now, having a heavy headache. Maybe this is the right time to start blogging again.

Well, as usual, there were soooo many stories left behind that I hadn't wrote, such as my grad. Did I already write it? I guess it's a no.

Hmm finally on early May, became one of the most important day of my life: my graduation. Happiest moment at college. LOL, I'm a bachelor now! Yayy... I'll post my photos soon, :)

I didn't work these past 3 days, I just don't know where the virus came from, what I remember was, on thursday I woke up and suddenly I feel this kind of "big rocks" in my head. Like my head beaten by a big rocks thousand times.

And I got fever, maybe it was 39.5C! Uh oh, what happen with me? Then the thing I knew, I got rushed to the doctor with my Pops.

The doctor said that I was attacked by an unknown virus. He couldn't tell me what exactly it was because I haven't done any tests. You know, I feel kinda worry, since there are so many viruses now, that swine flu, blah blah blah.

But thank God I'm still here, and feeling better, after having a bed rest for almost 4 days. I don't go anywhere, just in MY BED.

I'll write again soon, in the meantime, just follow me on twitter!! Found that pretty interesting!!


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