Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life isn't very fair

so many questions "why" poppin in my head right now.
and it's all about life..

Sometimes I don't understand why people only respect someone whom has money, or power, and all. Ironically, people don't want to look in someone's real talent, someone's heart, or someone's toil, just because they aren't rich.

For example,

  • some group of people are very proud showing their ride, but "Hey it's Daddy's car!!" I bet they don't know how to buy it, even they don't WANNA know about it! Maybe they'd just "blink their eyes" and VOILA! There's this new car in their garage!
  • some others are working their ass off to achieve what they've been dreaming of. They really appreciate every second of their lives. They wanna be success. They realize that they have to build their business from the big O.
But why everyone seems just respect the first group? Especially for those who are same age with me. Honestly, my parents did the same thing, too. I don't understand, what make they special? Just because they rich? Oops, I mean, THEIR PARENTS rich?
What I know from my experience, someone who lived in a fairy tale, most of them, won't grow up strong and hard and bold. And I don't want to be that kind of person.

Well honestly, I used to be like that, but finally I met this guy who changed my whole life. He teach me what the real life is. But unfortunately, my parents didn't realize it. Just because he doesn't come from a wealthy family, then they can dump him? Of course NO. This guy is really special for me. I know his toil, I know his sadness, I know his meaning of life, I know his vision, I really know about him, and I don't like he treated like that in my family. Everyone who knows him always give him a big applause. Because at such young age, he build his own business from ZERO. Without connection from his parent, without equity, just his will and his hard work that can make him the way he is right now. Everyone proud of him, his family, his relation, his friends, even his clients. They said that he's gonna be the next big thing.
But why my parent couldn't feel the same?

Is there something wrong with him? He never takes me to the club, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't drink, he never likes gambling, he's CLEAN. He teach me to appreciate money, he teach me to face my life by myself, that I've to be independent woman.

From this story, I knew that I chose the right man in my life. I know that he'll receive a good karma someday because of his kindness and I hope he'll be success as people said about him. I wish my parent's eyes and heart are open for this kind of man.

Just always remember that money isn't everything. Without being naive, of course everyone needs money, but happiness doesn't always come up with money. Happiness has nothing to do with fame and fortune. It comes from a clean heart, devoutly.