Friday, December 28, 2007

Get Together

Last night I went to my friend's birthday party and was having a blast! I met with some old friends, my high school friends whom I miss a lot!!! So, that was fun! Kevin made us some oh-so-delicious homemade cuisine such as spaghetti, salad, chicken soup, and so on.. He was going wild, and told about virginity! He said that most girls in town aren't virgin anymore. Can you believe that? I AM still virgin and I'm NOT shy! I think it'll be great to give it to my husband, the right man on the right time and at the right place.

There's a thin line between love and sex. Love is not sex and sex is not love. So, if your boyfriend ask you to have sex to prove your love to him, just simply leave him! Yuck! Guys, it's not a fucking excuse! But by the way, the decision is all yours. For me, I don't wanna do that.

Oh I'm going so far away from the subject!
So, we had a great night at a small get-together party! I hope we'll do it more often. ^^