Sunday, August 29, 2010

why is it SO HARD?

When you reached the lowest point in your life, there always be two options: you can easily lose hope and drowned in an enormous regrets feeling or.. you can bounce back, keep your head held high, face it, and be a better self.

They said our tears will dry on their own. But the pain that left can't be undone and forgotten. Here's an instant example: you got burn and it left scar on your skin. The pain will eventually gone, but the scar will be there forever. Yes, my tears would be dry.. just for a WHILE.

I had a strength to bounce back and recharged myself through all this time, but I can't be like this forever.. I'm sure someday I'll stop at one point where I can't take it anymore & wave the white flag. I'm NOT a superwoman.

Do I really love him... Or addicted to the pain?

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