Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday I made an effort to clean up my room, not entire room but I manage to move all my shoes to somewhere nicer than my room. It's frustrating everytime I step into my room, all I see were shoe boxes everywhere! I was tired to hear all cynical comments regarding this situation, especially from my boyfriend, whom a regular member there. He was like, "will you ever STOP shoe-shopping?" I shrugged. It's kinda irritated me cos I loved my shoes (and many many my shoes-to-be) very much. OK there are like several new pairs that haven't been worn, but I'm sure I'll wear them someday. 

Shortly, I took out all of them from their boxes. As I keep on going, I asked myself, how many shoes is too many shoes? It seems I always craving for more. Whenever I walk into a store, I directly go to the shoe racks. Moreover, I had a strange dream the other night: I dive across the ocean just to find my favorite pair of Manolo! I know it sounds very silly, but hey, everyone have their own obsession. So in this case, mine is SHOEBSESSION. 

I previously didn't want TO count them but I was curious so I start to count them. There are 40ish (and counting) shoes I own (excluding sports shoes, slippers, my everyday shoes) and I dare to call myself a shoe-A-holic? LOL. Maybe I'd rather call myself a semi-shoeAholic. triple LOL. Many shoe lovers out there have at least 100 pairs. Geez how to wear them all I wonder... 

Finally, I stole my Mom's cabinet (actually it's a cabinet to place a TV and other crystals) and made them to be my new shoe racks. I no longer keep them in their boxes cos I already find a new home for them. I'll show u the photo later. Actually it's like something that I always dream of, but in my dream it's way bigger! My Mom's cabinet has only two column (each has three rows) but there's a lamp in there that made it even prettier. But the thing is, it can only hold about 18 pairs. So I carefully chose my favorite pairs among others. But of course I keep my recently win designer shoes daintily in my own closet with their boxes and dustbag :)
And well, I gave some of my shoes to my maid too. When I asked her about her shoe size, she said that she's a 38 gal. Ahh too bad her feet couldn't fit in my shoes cos my size is 36. I don't know what would she do to the shoes I've given. She seemed so happy but at the same time confused cos she didn't know how to wear it. Maybe she has to squeeze her feet a bit? 

Anyhow, I don't know when my shoebsession will end. The scariest thing for me is, if someday I wake up and my feet can no longer fit into my shoes!! i.e. pregnancy, some says that our size will increase half or even one size bigger than we previously are. Worse is, most of shoes have a narrow cut to the toe (if you know what I mean) and super high heels. It's very possible if I get pregnant or get fat, I'd be a shoeless lady. LOL. 

Back to the shoe topic, from now on, I'll add up one more topic in my blog. So every now and then I'll post my current shoes obsession and all. But I still confuse to choose an appropriate and cute name. I have two candidates between shoebsession and shoeporn. Tell me what you think!!