Monday, August 9, 2010

Lights, Camera, VOGUE!

From now on, I'm adding a new feature in my blog. I decided to name it..... *drumroll*


This feature will be my salvation from my interest in fashion world and shoes. As a beginner, I'll start with capture my outfits. I don't use a professional DSLR Camera which I can't afford, cos my money mostly went out to shoes. But I'll try my best to present something that creative, fun, and affordable.

If you asked me about my personal style, well I don't have any particular style. I wear what I want to wear, whether it's feminine or boyish, flowery or polka dot, or even gothic? Yeap you name it. But please don't expect I'd come up with branded stuff. I tend to mix what's in my closet and style it with some shoes. Actually I want to separate my personal blog with my fashion blog but there are lot things to figure out first. In a meantime, enjoy my new feature and I'm wide open for any commentary and advice from you fabulous readers!