Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Attract Women - 5 Tips to Dress and to Attract Women

One thing that the women will notice you first is your look. You want to look good in order to be able to attract the girls you like. But looking good include many things. It is the combination of your dress, your appealing personality and your confidence.

Part of your look is about how you dress. In this articl

e, we are going to talk about five tips that you can use to dress up and attract the women you like.

- Create your own dressing style. You don't have to go for the latest trends to be good looking. All you need is to understand how to dress properly and feel positive about it. Make your dress match your personality. The key is to feel comfortabl

e about it and to be confident that this is you

- When you choose whatever to dress, make it neat and free from wrinkles. Women like it that way. Girls will not see you as a slob. Selecting the dress that have good color match is another way to impress others.

- Be consistent in your dressing. This is important especially when you want to impress the girls at your workplace or at your school. Believe it or not

women have special ability in noticing the consistency in your dress.

- Look at the fashion magazines. Check out how you can make yourself look better by modeling someone that you think suitable. It can be a movie

star or an idol. Just make sure that it is still you when you emulate the guy.

- Make it moderate and fun. Don't overdo it. Make sure that you do it optimally. With the moderation, you will be viewed as a guy who is clas

sy and dress properly in all occasions.