Friday, August 20, 2010

father.. how are you today?

When I was a little, I often heard songs about mothers: Mother, How are You Today?; Mama; Bunda (means Mama in bahasa) to name a few. Every songs that parents-related are all about mother. Yes Mother plays a really big part in our life, but it doesn't mean we can easily forget the existence of Father figure. 

Today I went to hospital by mean of visiting my friend's Dad whom has been comma for a week. He fell and then he passed out. Things were going so fast. No fuss No rush. I knew her Dad has hypertension but who would've thought it attack suddenly?
I was with my boyfriend when the first time I heard the news. We immediately prayed for her Dad & her family that night. It's so devastating to received such a bad news. But who could handle it? God has plans for each one of us. 

I never love being in a hospital, no matter how fancy it is, hospital is my most hated place (who doesn't?) There always two things left in my heart after a hospital visit: fear and wake up call
Fear of the fact that maybe someday me or my loved ones will be the one who lay in those bed
A wake up call for us in order to become a person who GRATEFUL for what we have now and CHERISH the life we live. Noone knows where time will fly us.. 

I have such a strong bond with my Dad. We don't talk much (not that much if compared to my Mom). But there's something that can't be explain between us. My Dad is kind of Dad that never brings his problem to home. At home he becomes this happy personality, laughs a lot, and all. But I knew from his eyes, that he carries a HUGE burden. He has 5 children, and only 2 that already financial free. I make my own money, but I still live in his house without have to pay the rent. Shame on me cause I still can't be financially freedom on my age. But to leave the house and being independent is not as easy as it sounds. I don't have enough courage to stand on my own feet. But I always try to help him as much as I can.

Daddy always there when you need help. Who do you run to when you hit someone else's car? Moreover, who taught you how to drive? Daddy taught lessons about life without being judgmental. He's the most neutral and big hearted man I've ever known. When Mom didn't give me permission to go out, Daddy would love to lend a hand & accompany me. When I face difficulty in life, Dad's the one who hugged me and said "it's OK" although you know that your fault was not forgivable. There are many other things that I can't explain here, just to show how much his sacrifice to our family. It will make a very long list and a lot tissues :(

Dearest Daddy...
Dad, you're the hero in my life. No one knows what you've been throughout these times. Those years back then were the hardest of our life. I wish I've known better.. I'm sorry I can't be a daughter that your dreamed of. Even though you always say that I'm the nicest and the most beautiful girl you've ever met and you always say that I'm your most precious treasure. BUT I know, deep in my heart that I haven't make you proud. You've done so much for our family. No matter how hard I try, I would never be able to give back what you've given to me. You always say that I do not have to bother all of those. But I insist to make a vow. Dad, maybe I can't give you a luxury life and all. But you must know that I will LOVE you forever sincerely and take care of you until the end of time. From the day I was born till the day I shut my eyes, I'll always be Daddy's little girl who proud to have a beautiful person like you. 

Geez I can't believe I'm crying while write this.. Love your Dad and show him that you care while you still have time. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and call him and ask, Father how are you today? and put a smile on his face. 

me arlin and kenrick with their lovely daddy