Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

On exact August 17th sixty five years ago, Indonesia stated its own independence day on behalf our first president, the one and only Sukarno

Now, sixty five years later from 1945.. We celebrated our independence day in a different way. Some subdistrict keep the tradition by organize events such as lomba balap karung, lomba makan kerupuk, lomba panjat pinang, etc. (Sorry I couldn't find a proper word to describe it in English). Some keep in the modern way by blabbing through 140 characters on twitter using #indonesia65. They're like, "let's make Indonesian independence day a TT (Trending Topic)". Yes they made it to the top 10, and then what? I sincerely think, words are not enough, let alone a trending topic. 

Anyhow, I was keeping it real. Surprisingly, I've missed upacara bendera. It's a ritual that implemented every Independence Day in honor to reminisce about our heroes and heroines who struggled between wars and finally made Indonesia a free country. We re-read the proclamation, the UUD 1945, the Pancasila, and sing the national anthem while wave the red & white flag. BUT this ritual only happens in school.  

That's why yesterday I went back to my former high school to visit the football field where the ritual usually held. My jaw dropped instantly when I saw the new buildings in my school. Where did the ancient and antique and classic buildings go? They're all became an arrogant modern look buildings which I instantly -hate at the first sight-. But thank God, the field was there. It wasn't change a bit. At least I still recognized my school. 

It's a pity I didn't bring my camera yesterday, but I did take pictures which were awfully lack of lights with my blackberry. To cherish our independence day, I was wearing a combination of red & white in my outfit. But I changed the look as I go cos it was more casual and modest. Surprise surprise... I was sporting my red flat shoes yesterday cos all my red shoes are high heels but I wanted to keep it casual. LOL. 

unbranded shirt jeans
 mango red inner
vintage high waist shorts
SOGO red belt
rubi flat shoes
necklace bought from bali

my look #2

me in front of the infamous football field

one more thing that I love about my former high school, it located in a very strategic area surrounded by many interesting stores like distro (clothing store by youngsters), cafes, stalls, etc. 
My new favorite thing is this stall named Kedai Ling Ling. Please do come by if you're in this area cos it tastes real good & different from others & come with a good ingredients. Basically, they sell Japanese homemade snacks like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and all. But recently, they sell ramen, beverages, etc. my personal fave is their Okonomiyaki. It's kind of Japanese savoury pancake fulfilled with a variety of ingredients. I never taste a real Oko from Japan itself, but I assure you, the Oko that made by Ling-Ling is the best Oko in town! 

Kedai Ling-Ling

delish! Okonomiyaki

Last but never ever least, what's the meaning of freedom for you? :)