Friday, August 13, 2010


If I have a magic wand that can erase human's feeling, I probably would erase JEALOUSY in a first place. Every bad thing mostly come from jealousy. Cos it leads us to hatred, resentment, revenge, and in a very bad case, criminality. I know it's pretty hard to not jealous to someone whom prettier, smarter, wittier, richer, etc (the list will go on and on and on). But how long will it end? 

Yes people often have a slip. But we should see this in a clear eyes, think about how much time did we waste only for be jealous of (let's say) someone's success? The truth is, we never walk with their shoes, let alone step into it. We never know if there are painfully tears behind those gorgeous eyes & fancy bags. As I live and breath, I always ensure myself that nobody is perfect. Nobody were perfect. Nobody will be perfect. The thought about imperfection help me a lot to not beating myself up everytime I flip my fingers through fashion magazine where the size 0 models spread in every page. What if we change our jealousy habit with something more meaningful like counting our blessings?
We're all sisters & brothers. We're all equally the same in God's eyes. No one more special or less special than us. We are special, no matter what. I know I'll never have a magic wand to delete jealousy option in life of human being. But I encourage you to use your own magic wand and remove it immediately from your system. Do you know an old lame quote behind every great man there's a great woman? I'll add another line, behind every great woman, there's even a greater woman who feel special about herself every single day and make it happen. 

Free yourself from hatred and jealousy!