Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lucky Star


Madonna's Lucky Star song keep spinning around in my head, "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... star light, star bright, make everything alright.. you may be my lucky star, and I'm the luckiest by far......"

I accidentally bumped to this tweet from one of magazine in Indonesia the other day. The tweet written, "Want to walk in Carrie Bradshaw's shoes? Join our My Dream Shoes contest". I got hysterical and then I immediately checked the website, read the term & conditions and yup. I was READY to go.

The contest rule was just simple. Which Sex and The City girl are you? If you already find out, then upload your best photo to their website and the winner will win pairs of Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. O M G. I think I was dying. I am Carrie, that's for sure. First of all: I love shoes, more than anything else in fashion world. If many women put the dress on before the shoes, I do the other way. I pick the shoes first, and then the outfit will follow. The higher the better, weary – didn't care. Blister – didn't care! Second of all, I love writing. I'm not a professional writer like Carrie, but who knows someday I'd be a writer too?

For weeks, I've been thinking how to come up with an original yet authentic idea to win this contest. As usual, my crazy boyfriend lend his hand and voila he turned to be an instant photographer and set builder. He's allergic with Photoshop, so he tried the best shot he could do by using his semi-DSLR camera (a vintage Olympus camera I mean) and his creativity to do me.

the winning photo

My first theme was: My confusion to find a perfect shoes on my date night . LOL. But my boyfriend have a better idea and he turned my room to be magically messy with shoes all over the place and everything else in the floor and on the bed. Well, I guess it's a better idea, so let's do that! We did the photoshoot with so much laughter and I wanted see how if I smoked a cigarette (Carries used to be a smoker), but blahh......UGLY. The picture of me with cigarette is one of the worst photo I've ever took. Finally, at the end of the photo shoot, my bf said, "OKAY THAT'S A WRAP. I've had a kind of positive feeling that you'll be the winner." Me: AMEN.

shoegasm right away!

the breathtakingly beautiful shoes

Few days ago, an announcement has be made and guess what? I am the winner!! Along with other winner named YUNI. I froze a sec, I think I was dying. I won a pair of shoes that I've been dreaming of as long as I care to remember!! Christian Louboutin?! Manolo Blahnik!? INSANE.

So yesterday, I dressed myself up. I've to be as beautiful as I could be to pick up my babies. Despite, I get photographed and will be featured in next issue of the magazine! YAYNESS. When the first time I saw the shoes, I was crying (literally in my heart) and having kind of shoegasm! Somebody PLEASE pinch me and tell me I wasn't dreaming. The magz lady interviewed me and she pretty amazed to see my feet, injured here and there (thanks to my heels) and she said that I deserved the prize. LOL of course! Can't wait to see it publish in a magazine. J


That day I have a thought; dreams do come true, miracles do happen. You just have to believe and God will add a sprinkle of luck. As for me, my boyfriend must be my lucky star, like M sang (I'm the luckiest by far...). He never brings me flower, but instead, he gives me wonderful gifts that no one else can do. He made me won big... TWO times this year. First, New York trip (I knew it cancelled, but if only the visa granted, we both GO!), and now this. Can I ask for more? Last night we practiced the scene where Big proposes Carrie (at SATC 1) and he put the shoes on Carrie's feet. Dieter did the same thing too. Geez it was one of the sweetest moment in my life... Thank you so much sweetheart, you're definitely my Mr. Big..

when Big proposes Carrie with Manolo