Monday, July 5, 2010

mon anniversaire

I'm aging. Don't we all?

Every year we celebrate a special day, known as a "birthday". While everyone cheering HAPPY birthday for you, but deep down inside, I feel sad. Sort of. Birthday means my time in this word has decreased once again. If back in 1987 God wrote in my lifecard I'll die on 60, that means I have lost another 1 year and still have 37 years left to live. Ouch. Scary.

I whined last Friday on exactly 12AM, that I was extremely grateful for what I am now. God has been so nice to me. Well, one year older MUST means one year better, and hopefully, one year wiser & closer to God. It's unfair how people judge others by their age. 40 y.o doesn't mean mature & 15 y.o doesn't mean childish. And 23 doesn't mean you have to get married! For God's sake, since when the "I hope you're getting married soon" being so IN? People are rude. I'd rather have this wish: "May your life will always be surrounded by fabulous shoes & gorgeous bags." than "happy birthday, so when's the big day?". Where's people sense of humor these days?

I celebrated my birthday in a more decent way, instead of blew off the candle, I opened a bottle of wine. No fuss no rush. We ate Italian food, so I pick Barolo to accompany. We went to Social House, a lovely (but not too busy) place to dine in. At first I thought maybe I wanna go back to Cork & Screw where I celebrated my anniversary, but then, Social House is funner. The pizza tastes like heaven & the dessert.. Yum. I love how the view is exactly to Bunderan HI. It's beautiful at night. Jakarta traffic makes it even brighter. (although I'm sure the driver down there didn't feel the same). =p

love the winery

SoHo done, we were going to the next place called The Apartment. It's a quite unique, -feels like home- concept. They divided the cafe in several areas such as living room, bedroom, library, bathroom. We pick bathroom cos it's the only non-smoking area & tada! We were eating IN a bathroom, literally! There's a huge bathtub complete with shower, towels folded together at the rack beside the tub, and there're two robes hanging in the wall. Uniqueness!

chatting at the library :p

eating in a bathroom :p

a very nice gifts from my sister :)
the card read: "a woman can never have enough shoes" LOL

Beside the celebration, the great wishes and all, I got gifts too. First of all, my boyfriend surprised me with this tacky wacky idea. Tacky because he didn't give me anything back in Bandung, I was a bit upset, but what the hell? Arrived in a mall at Jakarta, I shopped heavily at one of my fave store. Come on, a gal needed a lil treat in her birthday =D. When I was about to pay, my boyfriend came and paid all of it. See? Wacky. Seems his brain was too lazy to think about a gift for my birthday. It's not the nominal that matters, but the effort. I always keep it in mind. Oh and I got a new blackberry too, which I didn't expect.

Birthday will always be a reminder of how wonderful God is and how I grateful to be allowed to breath this air once again. An alarm that every single person will need botox. Kidding!! Never ever have it in my life. I'll age gracefully.
After all days passed by, months flied, and here I am. Twenty-three & fabulous!

Age is a high price to pay for maturity. But good news is, you can eazypay it, NOW x

the greatest gift that God given to me..