Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blackberry, friend.. or foe?

I have written earlier in my recent post that blessed whoever found Blackberry. But on the other hand, does it really bring any good for the users? Blackberry users known for their “autism”. No offense.

Meaning, when he/she hold the BB, they’d be busy with their own world. Hit the wall when walk at the mall with BB in hand is a common thing, but hit the curb or even other car or worse, other person when driving? THAT is another thing. Maybe the police should apply a new rule beside don’t drink & drive. Yeap, don’t chat & drive. Even there's a funny sticker at the back of someone's car: SLOW DOWN, BLACKBERRY USER. Jeez. I read somewhere on the net that Blackberry addicts similar to Alcoholic.

I feel it too. As a devotee Blackberry user since years ago, I realized my life has change. Not literally change, but change. I couldn’t believe how a gadget can change someone’s life. I remember when the very first time I used it (I was still in college), I carried it everywhere I go. I thought I was a freak but then my friends did the same thing too. All of sudden, I became a BlackBerry addict and everything became so easy eventually. I don’t even have to phone my friends, just PING!! them and they’ll answer immediately. When I gathered with my girlfriends, we busy with our BB. At family dinner, BB’s there beside my plate. When I cuddled with my boyfriend, my BB seems wanna get involved too. It rings all the time. Until someday, my boyfriend (who happened to be anti-BB, threw it to the floor).

I got to thinking about this and one day, I reached a point and was asking myself a question, do I really need this? I begin to pay attention to people’s behavior with their BB. My sister, a freak BB addict, did the chat & drive thing and her car hit someone else’s car. She called me with terrifying voice and when I saw her car I screamed. There’s another story when I went to public toilet at one mall, I was queing, and the person inside seemed pretty occupied with her BB, beside peeing. There’s even a BB notification tone heard many times. I thought, wow is she realize that she sit in a public toilet? She’s been there as long as I queue for another restroom. Annoying, isn’t it? My friend threatened by her boss, since they used BB, her boss keep sending her emails in the middle of the night, or right before dawn. Does he ever sleep? I wonder.

Yes BB makes thing a lot easier. But you know what they say, Buddha forbid everything that “too much” “too little” too this, too that. We have to keep it balance. BB connects us with the world, and at the same time cut us with the REAL world. We substitute our coffee time with conference chat, we barely see each other again cos we chat enough (at least that’s what I’ve been through). I guess I’ve to be wiser when it comes to using BB. It’s hard to admit, but BlackBerry is a small gadget with big impact. Beware! :p