Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Monday on 2009

2009 will end within 4 days. Wow!
How time flies so fast? Its like yesterday I was celebrating NYE wiv dieter's fam.

I tend to hate every Monday. But this Monday? I have to give it a little appreciation since I can't repeat all other Mondays on 2009. LoL.

Everyone, every year, has grown up to be a better person. (At least people who close to my heart). I can see clearly, the difference every year make. But I personally, don't feel the "difference" in myself. I stand still in my place. Everybody's changing, and I don't feel it.

The big thing about 2009 was I start working. And earn money by myself. But I can't tell it was a significant thing in my life. Everyone has their job and began to raised the "bar". Contrary with me, I got the job, and it pulled me down. I don't know how many posts in the future will I write about my current job. I just don't suit to this job. I'm not a technical woman, I'm not familiar with textile machines, it's just not soooo me. However I'll stick to it 'till I get something else that interest me. Please be reminded that I'm NOT an ungrateful woman. I just want doing the right thing, without this burden.
I hope next year I can re-build my online business and make it bigger!

I have so many dreams that can't be achieve with only the blink of an eye. But I have to pay it with my sweat & blood. I know this is a big joke for some people, and a girl like me, but hey, I still want a Birkin. LOL.
I still think that buy "timeless" fashion items are investment. For the record, "investment" in fashion is totally different with the real meaning of investment if you read in dictionary.

Something that considered fashion investment is item that timeless. Like Chanel bags, you'll never get bored. Always great for every occasion and all eyes on you. Birkin too. Even there's a paraphrase "honey, it's not a bag, it's a Birkin". Look how beautiful & magnificent it is!

Shit, this isn't suppose to be in my "last monday" post. But I'm just writing what spin in my head right now. Fashion becomes obsession. I stopped by at Louboutin's store at Plaza Indonesia. My blood was running cold after I try them AND saw the tag price. 1 pair of Louboutin cost 15mill IDR (US$ 1500) at the lowest. Even I saw this gorgeous ankle boots with irritating price US$ 4900. It just made me want to vomit.

Now I can only dreamin them. But one day, who knows? :p

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