Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year 2011


Let's making resolution! hmm...
  1. I hope in the new year, I'll find a better job for me to handle. However, I deserve a SMILE when I'm doing my job, right? Let's erase the sad face!
  2. I hope I always be surrounded by fabulous shoes & bags. I know it's not important to some people, but for me? Yeah, it's quite important. I really wanna own my very first Louboutin or Manolo. Oh how I worship them!! Jeez. Could it be? Who knows.
  3. For the record, I won't get married this year. and I won't have a baby anytime soon. Why do everybody always buzz around this? I know my relationship finally get in its 7th year, but what's wrong with that? We're still wanna having fun with our life and this relationship, and I don't want marriage ruin our happy life. In fact, I'm sooooo not ready. YET.
  4. I'll be a smarter and wiser shopaholic.
  5. I hope I can have my family back. You know, last year been a tough year for our family.
  6. I wanna be a better woman in my relationship. Dieter often called himself a bear who always entertaints me, and of course a multi-tasking man. He wanted me to express myself more. And I was like, come on, break the ice! I must admit that I'm an ice girl. I couldn't make joke, and I couldn't express things the way Dieter do. I feel bad to myself, so what can I do? This is me. But I hope this year I'll be million times better ME.
  7. I want to learn other languages. I want to be able speak French, I always think French language is very very beautiful language. And 1 more, I MUST learn Chinese. It's very important in business world nowadays.
  8. Take short courses, like make up course.
  9. Do sports routinely and do squash more often.
  10. Don't eat meat everyday. (In fact I NEVER like red meat). More vegetables & fruits. and NO junk food.
  11. I love my boyfriend, but I wanna love me more. I should have my "me time" more often.
  12. Go to church every week and pray before sleep & after wake up.
  13. More honest to myself & more open to something new. I have to be more confident with myself, and my own skin.
  14. Wanna watch more concert! I hope I can catch up again with Lady Gaga, I know her current tour is far better than the last. I was lucky enough cos I can watched her performance last year at Singapore. I hope Amy W will make a new album, and do some gigs too and I'll watch her no matter what!
  15. Facial facial facial. Once a month!
and many more to come. .

Let's make a brand new story. Have a gorgeous 2010!! Cheers..

Lady J