Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Style Bridesmaid Curly Hairstyles that Stay In

One of the problems that most women have with curls being styled into the hair is the fact that the curls are temporary and often remain in the hair for such a short period of time leaving a lot to be desired in the style that has been chosen for the special event. This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen when it comes to hairstyles but many people are unaware that there are techniques which can be used within the hair to ensure that all of the curls stay where they belong within the hairstyle, regardless of the thickness or length of the natural hair.

First, it is important to prepare the hair in which the curls are being placed. One of the most effective ways to prepare the hair to take the curls and retain the curls within the hair is to allow the natural oils to be present within the hair. Avoiding washing the hair for at least one day before the hair is going to be styled is the most effective way to do this. As well, conditioner should be used within the hair to increase the thickness and volume. Next, ensuring that the hair has been blown dry is a way to create hair that will take well to curls.

Before the curls are placed within the hair spray a light form of hairspray (which should be a strong and professional finish) throughout the layer of the hair that is being curled – the bottom layer. The top layer should be pinned up to be curled later. Ensuring that there are many curls within the hair and that the curls are layered is an effective way to increase the chances of the curls remaining in the hair. Allow the hairspray to dry – never apply heat styling devices to the hair with wet product and then curl the bottom layers, using finishing spray.

Through the top layers of the hair, back comb the roots and then use finishing spray to ensure that the curls stay put throughout the entire event.