Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Style Loose Updos

One of the most perfect styles for summer through casual events to semi-formal dinners is the loose Updo which has an air of sophistication that is easy to style. With a few strategically placed pins and a style that can be finished with hairspray, styling a loose Updo can be a great way to create a hairstyle for an evening out, that is semi-formal and looks great in appearance, but not over the top.

One of the most popular ways that you can style a loose Updo is through the use of bobby pins which can be placed within the hair. Start to pull back strands of hair off of the face, but don’t pull the strands of hair too tight, as this can create a formal appearance within the hairstyle. With each strand of hair that has been pulled back from the face, back comb the roots and use a small amount of hairspray to ensure that the style is going to last through the entire day, or through the entire night. Next, pull the strand of hair back into the style, through the crown of the head, securing it with a pin which is inserted the opposite way into the hair.

Use varying lengths and varying sizes of hair through the strands which are pulled back to keep the look casual and as well, style the hair with various sections that are pulled back, criss-crossed over one another to create an information appearance that can be seen through the loose Updo. Continue this throughout the hair – through the entire head of hair, including the back, or consider creating the Updo with a simplistic style, leaving the back sections down, in a popular half up and half down style.