Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pixie Haircut in 2009

Everyone has either seen or read the “Twilight” series, and if not, they have at least heard of it. One of the characters that is most liked, Alice Cullen (played by Ashley Greene), has officially made popular the Pixie haircut in 2009. As wonderful as it looks on Alice, it doesn’t necessarily look so well on others. Here are a few tips to creating the pixie cut.

It is highly recommended that for the perfect pixie cut, the hair is rather short (hanging just below the earlobes and layered). To secure a better hold later on, take some hair wax onto the finger tips and run through the hair, playing close attention to the ends. Press a flat iron through it, making sure the ends of the hair are flipped outwards.

When accessorizing the pixie hairstyle, there are a few simple and cute things that one can do. Adding clips seems like the obvious way, but one thing that can be sprinkled on is glitter. One would be surprised how beautifully radiant it is to have glitter throughout the hair. It is also a nice touch to add some glitter under the eyes to match the effect.

A pixie hairstyle doesn’t really look so great if you have a round shaped face. It is more set for heart shaped or thinner looking faces. Because it is such a short hairstyle, if the client has never tried it before it is best to get a professional opinion before having it done.